Riveting for drillins machine  to set nut inserts, NutDrill ND2. 

NutDrill ND2. Nut measures M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 steel or aluminum.

 Best solution to set steel nut insets in a thin aluminum part.  

Nutinsert tool


NutDrill Screw, rivet and unscrew.

 NutDrill ND

Strength: 1.000 Kgs. (10.000Nw)

Run/ Stroke Z:  9mm

Steel body and polyamide fiberglass. Net weight 361 grams. Gross weight 678 grams. Measures 165 x 60 mm. M3 threaded inserts Nuts - M4 - M5 - M6 and M8 and their equivalents in American thread. Including 5 sets of guides and mandrels for each measure. It can be used for any material including stainless steel. It can be supplied without mandrels or mouths to buy only these measures may be required. 

Nutinsert tool

Mandrels and inserts can be supplied alone . 

They are threaded in NutDrill to the left. 

Nutinsert tool

NutDrill step by step 

How to use nut insert tool


Spare parts to purchase by website .

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