Riveting for drilling machine, NutDrill ND. For nut  inserts.

NutDrill ND. Nut measures M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 steel or aluminum.


Nut inserts

 Best solution to set steel nut insets in a thin aluminum part. 


Riveter with a drilling machine

 NutDrill screw, rivet and unscrew .

RIveDrill NutDrill ND

Strongth: 1.000 Kgs. (10.000Nw)

Run/ Stroke Z:  9mm

Professional use. Steel body and rubber. Net weight 511 grams. Gross weight 828 grams. Measures 165 x 65 mm. M3 threaded inserts Nuts - M4 - M5 - M6 and M8 and their equivalents in American thread. Including 5 sets of guides and mandrels for each measure. Can be used for any material including stainless steel. It can be supplied without mandrels or guides to buy only these measures may be required. 

Nut insert tool

NutDrill for drilling machine


Use and Maintenance EN and ES
Use and Maintenance in English and Spanish.
2017 Uso y Mant ES EN.pdf (10.55MB)
Use and Maintenance EN and ES
Use and Maintenance in English and Spanish.
2017 Uso y Mant ES EN.pdf (10.55MB)

Video tutorial NutDrill (English)

What is NutDrill? 

NutDrill is a rivetter attachment for cordless drilling machine with torque , for nut inserts .  

You install as a drill bit in the chuck of the drilling machine and in the other side select the mandrel and guide of the metric size you are going to use. When NutDrill is acting by the drilling machine can make 4 movements. 

How NutDrill works?

1.    Thread the nut insert in the mandrel, turning to the right without holding the NutDrill.

2.      Rivet the insert into the metal sheet tuning to the right and holding NutDrill with the hand. Stop when the torque acting. 

3.    Avoid the preaseure os the mandrel and the insert acting for a while the drilling machine to the left , while NutDrill is holding to not turn. 

4.    Unscrew the nut insert turning to the left without holding the NutDrill with the hand.

They are threaded in NutDrill to the left. 

Before start to use NutDrill you must follow these steps :

a.  Put in NutDrill the guide and mandrel selected for you. This step is threading to the left. 

Riveter for nut inserts

b.      Select in the drilling machine the minimum speed and a small torque. You must never hit at the end of the thread of the mandrel.

c.   Test, in the air, which torque do you need for your nut inserts. Increase the torque step by step until the nut insert is setted before the clutch of the drilling machine is actioned. The torque depend on the drilling machine, the sizes and materials of the nut inserts. Remind the favorite torque sellected for this size of nut insert. 

d.    Get out the mandrel completely. Remiember not not hit the end of run. You can begin to use NutDrill. Read completely the user manual that goes with the unit, or decharge here . 

Mandrels and inserts can be supplied alone . 

Follows these steps to start


Models RiveDrill and Spare parts

Spare parts to purchase at website .

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