Who we are? 

Máquina Andrea manufacture riveting tools since 1966. RiveDrill is manufacture by Máquinas Andrea and is a trade mark of Riveter for drilling machine. Riveters for drilling machine were invented and patented by Andrés Pérez Aniento. See video 


Uso y Mantenimiento ES e EN Laguajes
Uso y mantenimineto de RiveDrill en Español e Ingles.
2017 Uso y Mant ES EN.pdf (10.55MB)
Uso y Mantenimiento ES e EN Laguajes
Uso y mantenimineto de RiveDrill en Español e Ingles.
2017 Uso y Mant ES EN.pdf (10.55MB)

Rivet without effort, vibrations or cables. 

Riveting tool

Riveters to set blind rivets with a drilling machine (drilling machine not included)

With the following of the drilling machines some tools evoluted. We have invented the riveter RiveDrill, to be used with a drilling machine without  efforts, vibrations, harmfull for the operator, cables or compress air hoses and compresors.  

Electric riveting tools
Como usar las RiveDrill
Use and Maintenance of RiveDrill 2017
2017 Uso y Mant ES EN.pdf (10.55MB)
Como usar las RiveDrill
Use and Maintenance of RiveDrill 2017
2017 Uso y Mant ES EN.pdf (10.55MB)
Electric riveting tool
Electric riveting tool

RiveDrill transform the power 



RiveDrill transforms the turning power of the drilling machine in power to rivet. RiveDrill make this trasnformation of power, with a light mechanism wihich weight is around between 400 and 600 grammes aproximately, that includes a chuck for the end of the run, in some models.


Rivet gun

RiveDrill vs manual riveting tools


The old riveters  

Manual rivetting tools need a physical effort of the operator and produce a disgusting vibration in its hand  at the end of the accition. 

The pneumatic riveters have a limited working radius because of the compress air hoses length.


Rivet and drill with the same tool 

Pop or blind rivets and nutinserts are always fixed into holes. It is usefull to use the same drilling machine you use to make the holes to set the blind, pop rivets or nut inserts 

Electric riveter

Electric riveter


The adaptors RiveDrill to set rivets with the drilling machine are a good complement to include with the equipment for fastener fixing tools. With a drilling machine and RiveDrill together for always

Outdated old riveting tools 

Manual riveting tools and pneumatic ones was created for more that 75 yeard old. We currently have leaved the manufacturing. Pneumatic riveting tools can be used in just determinate point of working.  

Riveting tools

RiveDrill instead of manual riveting tools

Manual riveting tools or rivet gun also with the berbiquís to make the holes manualy, had been outdated. 

This is RiveDrill

Adaptors to set blind rivets without effort and with your own drilling machine.

How to use  RiveDrill 

Adaptor for drilling machine

How to use RiveDrill. To set blind rivets with your drilling machine.

Initial position (1), hole control closed, turning to the right (2) rivet, turning to the left (3) expel the mandrel of the rivet. You will see that hole control is closed and hear clac clac... of the clutch.


Riveting tools

How RiveDrill works. Hole control close at initial position

How RiveDrill works  

The hole control in the end of the riveter says the position of the jaws  inside the RiveDrill. Hole closed (1) indicate jaws forward, opened, pressing against the nosepiece. 

Hole control closed (1), is the initial position and the end of the riveting cycle. 

When RiveDrill axe turns to the right, jaws goes forwards, pull the mandrel of the rivet, and set the rivet and open the hole control (2).Jaws are separate of the nosepiece and go closed. When we turn to the left the jaws go to their position (1) hit the nosepiece , the jaws are open and expel the broken mandrel of the rivet  and sound clac clac... of the clutch. 

 User hand always protected  

Riveting tools

Slide protector to cover the turning parts.

Telescopic protector that cover the turning parts of the drilling machine.  User hands always protected, safe , without effort and vibrations. 

If the battery of the drilling machine is discharged , you can finish your work turning the axis with a key. 

Select the rivet diameter and nosepiece  

Accesorie for a drill

Select rivets and nosepieces. Improve the quality selecting correctly the rivet diameter with the nosepiece.

Each dismeter of the rivet is used with its corresponding diameter number graven on the nosepiece. To change the nosepieces you have to open the hole control (1) , to avoid the presure of the jaws with the nosepieces. You can use any length of the rivet (L) and thikness (X). Rivet length (Y) must be less than the run of work (Z) of RiveDrill. See tutorials videos here.  

These are the stroke for RiveDrill

Selects your RiveDrill model depending of the run (Z) and the hardness of the rivet. In the Catalogue your will find all thechnical specifications of each model. Dowload PDF aquí.

Electric riveting tools

Perfect rivet and economic with correct sizes of Y and Z. RiveDrill models

The complete rivet cycle of RiveDrill is represented in the following figures.   

In (1) the rivet is putted in the hole, in (2) the mandrel of the rivet is into The RiveDrill with the jaws open, in (3) the jaws bite into the mandrel of the rivet and in the  graphic start the effort of rivet with RiveDrill increasing in (4) while set the rivet. 

RiveDrill cycle of rivet without effort or vibrations. Start in (2) with the hole control closed and jaws opened

RiveDrill cycle of rivet without effort or vibrations. Start in (2) with the hole control closed and jaws opened

The offert is lightly lower while the madrel is extended before broken. Increase the effor again until maximum (5) when mandrel is broken.  Stop the drilling machine, change and turn to the left and goes, whithout effort to the inicial position. in (6) to start again

Nut inserts for dismontable joins 

Nut insert riveter

Nut inserts best option for dismantle works.

NutDrill is the best solution to set nut in thin walls.  Stainless steel or aluminum nut inserts can be set with NutDrill. Any size European or American size from M3 to M8. NutDrill screw, rivet and unscrew the nut insert. Without effort. With your own drilling machine .  

See tutorials videos here. Also it is interesting to see the instrucciones in color  vignettes here .  

Electric Riveting tool for nut insert

NutDrill screw, rivet and unscrew the nut insert. Easy, quick, and economic

Remind the user rules 1º) use always minimum speed  of the drilling machine. 2º) Select the favorite torque for your nut inserts, increasing form less to more, riveting to the air.  3º) Avoid to hit in the ends of the run work of NutDrill. 

Spare parts for RiveDrill

Rivedrill is dismontle removing the elastic washer. Spare parts easy to purchase in internet

If you need to dismontle your RiveDrill or NutDRill

First turns the axis to the right 6 or 7 rounds, to eliminate the presure between nosepieces and jaws. You will see the hole control is opening. Then remove the elastic washer with pliers and get all the inside mechanism pulling the axis 

You can purchase to your distributor or here: Complete Rotor (2), Complete Jaw holder (3), Jaws set, 2 or 3 pieces or nosepieces  for each sizes. Select the reference in the chart. If you prefer to see complete draws of the exploded of each  model , dowload PDF here. If you need user manual in Spanish or English dowload PDF here. Other languages also here

Work with us. Distribute RiveDrill. Make your choice and you could know; prices, quantities, delivery time, where to make your orders and all the options to join RiveDrill.   

Riveters History . 

First rivets

First rivets

First rivets was used at 1856. When also start to be used the rolled steel. 

Torre Eiffel París 1889 start a milestone in the fixing industry. The new Industrial technical of join riveting.  

Blind rivet with mandrel

Blind rivet with mandrel

Rivet technic was improved. From more than 80 years, blind rivets with a mandrel allows to set the rivet by one side.  


Rosie the Riveter RiveDrill

Rosie the Riveter

Around 1939, during Second War World, blind rivets with mandrel, manufacture with light materials as the aluminum, was estrategic for aeronautic industry. 

“Rosie the Riveter” is a cultural icon, that represent the importance of unit and be together in adversity. In Spanish it is said that "Unity is strength".

The old manual tools of more than 75 years .

Rivet gun

Riveters and berbiquí. Those old tools

Manual riveting tools or rivet gun or Pneumtic riveters are already more than 75 years old.  Time and new technology had make them obsoleted items. Old manual tools to make holes and berbiquís, do not use any more. The cordless drilling machine now allows to make the holes and set the rivet. 

Drill and rivet with cordless drilling machine .

Rivets are always set into a hole. The solutions of using the same drilling machine to do the holes and set the rivet is perfect. You interchange the drill bit for the RiveDrill the attachment to set rivets. 

The disadvantages of manual and pneumatic riveters .  

Manual riveting tools

Manual riveting tools are obsoleted use RiveDrill

To set a rivet with a manual riveting tool you need an effort of around 30 kilograms for each size of rivet.

When you brake the mandrel of the rivet, the finguers was making a strength of 30 Kg, its close abruptly, because the riveter is without resistance. In these moment it is produced a discharge in the tension muscles of the hand and arm. This discharge is felt by the operator as an unpleasent cramp. The discharge of the tensioned muscles, is similar to the produced by a spring strongly compressed. This cramp is inherent to manual riveting tools.  

In fact the operator gets a strong vibration in the hand and arm that is trasnmited to all the body.  

Directive 2002/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 June 2002 and Royal Decree 1311/2005 of 4 November the Spanish state, has the hand-arm vibration should not exceed A (8 ) = 5 m / s2.

The hose for air compress of the pneumatic tools, limit the work area. Is some cases, when the place is reduce, could be a good solution. In many other , when it is necesary to work out of workshop, the weight os the hoses for air compress, makes these tools very few practice and obsoleted.

Importance of action for unite and disunite. 

For near 50 years we have been manufacturing fixing tools. We create the riveter adaptor RiveDRill, to set rivet with a drilling machine. We value the importance that have from the begining of the time the accion of Unite / Disunite

We believe that Unite / Disunite is a primitive action, it said, about 13,730 million years ago, along with materials and energy in the Big Bang, in the cosmos, continued later in life, in a 4,000 million years, and he has continued to manifest increasingly in the Homo Sapiens from about 195,000 years ago. With the invention of writing, at the end of prehistory, intelligence development, and unite and disunite action was manifested more evident. 

Since the sixteenth century, in the modern age, intelligence, self-starter, although still part of nature, has continued linking and disengaging, as if that action was a print order in the human genome

In the last 415 years there have been major discoveries, science and technology, based on the action of unite and disunite. Manufacturing scrap and recycling is unite and disunite. Besides unions and disunity that nature takes its fusion or fission processes in the nuclei of the atom or chemical reactions of its bark, humans also modified the matter and energy constantly.

In the last 40 years human unite and disunite deliriously; cut and paste text on PC, transplanting livers DNA modifying or creating social networks.

More information in PDF here.   

Postulates RiveDrill

 1) Action Primigenia of unite / Disunite, (APUD), has always existed and had been  in; Cosmos, Life and human Inteligence.

Postulate RiveDrill:

Postulate RiveDrill: 1) Action Primigenia of unite / disunite (APUD), has always existed and has been in; The Cosmos, life and human intelligence. 2) Action Primigenia of Unite / Disunite (APUD), could be the only thread Natural join.


2) Action Primigenia of Unite/ Disunite, (APUD), could be the only thread Natural Conductor, which communicate the fields of modern Physical Science and Metaphysics.

More information in PDF Here.

 www.rivedrill.net, www.rivedrill.com, www.rivedrill.es, www.rivedrilliberica.com

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